Consulting firm with profound experience in Embedded Linux, U-Boot, C programming, Python, Yocto/OpenEmbedded, and open-source technologies.

Geanix offers a range of services within both embedded development and system services supporting this.

Linux BSP Development

Geanix is experienced in Linux BSP development from a long range of projects targeting industrial and consumer products.

Yocto / OpenEmbedded

Having worked professionally with Yocto / OpenEmbedded for several years, Geanix is a preferred partner when developing products based on Yocto and OpenEmbedded.

Kernel and U-Boot Development

Having contributed to both the Linux kernel and the U-Boot bootloader, Geanix can assist with mainling drivers/features to open-source projects.

Embedded Development

Low level embedded development with focus on efficiency, reliability, reusability, and high quality.

Zephyr Project Development

Geanix has worked with the Zephyr RTOS for embedded platforms since its initial release in 2016.

Rust Development

System level application development in the Rust programming language with focus on memory safety and race-free concurrency.

Continuous Integration

Get help to set up continuous integration systems for complex products with multiple codebases and build target. Use the CI to verify the code before integrating it with the master codebase.

Automated Embedded Testing

Improve the product quality and user experience by automatically testing target features such as remote update, system recovery, and business functionality on the embedded target.